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Some of my previously published articles: 

Data transparency: making the most of your data. NatureJobs Blog, July 2015.

Writing for international journals: tips and techniques. NatureJobs Blog, July 2015.

Making it in academia: before and after you apply. NatureJobs Blog, June 2015.

An earthquake that shook Ireland, Science Spin, Issue 70, p.36.

Scrambled Eggs: Dino-chickens, genetics, and turning back the evolutionary clock. Newstalk Science, Futureproof, Blog Post, 18 May 2015.

Trinity College Dublin Careers’ Blog: Nature Jobs Blog Post repost.

Career Paths: Should you follow in the footsteps of your idol?, NatureJobs Blog, Winning Entry to NatureJobs journalism competition, May 2015.

Meeting Report: 58th Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association, PalAss Newsletter, Issue 88, March 2015, pp.53-57.

Scientists, Engage or Die, Trinity News, March 2015.

Professor Luke O’Neill on Marvel Molecules and Being a Scientist, Trinity News, March 2015.

DNA of Lager Yeast Tells Stories of Eastern Voyage, Trinity News, March 2015.

Palaeontological Association Annual Meeting: An Insider’s Perspective, Earthzine, published online, February 2015.

Haunted by Pyrite: article on pyrite and its associated problems in buildings in Ireland, Science Spin, Issue 64, p.16.

Book Review: How Irish Scientists Changed the World, Science Spin, Issue  62, p. 32.

How Irish Scientists Changed the World, Book Review, Trinity News, Issue 4, p. 19.

Space Week comes to Trinity, Trinity News, online, October 2013

A Head For Rocks, Science Spin, Issue 60  (page 17 ), on the geology of Loop Head, Co. Clare.

Book Review of “The Light Between the Oceans” by M.L. Stedman for BGE Book Club. (Online)

Treading Shallow Waters, Science Spin: Issue 57 (p.23-27), on Ireland’s shallow waters and the research that is taking place there.

Young Scientist Winners, Science Spin: Issue 57 (p. 29), on this year’s winners.

Palaeontology Association Meeting Report, PalAss Newsletter, March 2013, Issue 82, p.54-58.

Fracked or fiction?– Drilling down to the facts behind fracking, Trinity News, Issue 7, p. 20.

Young Scientists on Show– A roundup of the BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2013, Trinity News, Issue 7, p. 9.

Tellus Border: Tell Us More – Science Spin: Issue 56 (page 29), on the Tellus Border Project.

Perfect Plants – Science Spin: Issue 56 (page 36) Irish Fossil Series

Success and Failure- what field mice and university students have in common. Undergraduate Awards Journal Vol. 4 2012.

A Neutron Walks into a Bar – Book Review, Trinity News (Issue 4, Vol.59)

A Beestly Story – Interview with Sive Finlay, Trinity News (Issue 3, Vol.59), p.20

Curious Corals – Science Spin: Issue 55 (Page 26) Irish Fossils Series

Trinity Looks Ahead with new Telescope – Trinity News (Issue 1, Vol. 59)  September 2012

Perils of postgraduate research – Guardian Student Blogs, 11 September 2012,

Brazen Brachiopods – Science Spin: Issue 54 (Page 26)            Irish Fossils Series Sept/2012

What is the Higgs boson? – July 2012

Interview with Prof Rolf-Dieter Heuer, CERN Director General – July 2012

Science for everyone (ESOF and Dublin City of Science overview)- Science Spin: Issue 53  (Page 18)

Beautiful Bryozoans – Science Spin: Issue 53  (Page 22)  Irish Fossil Series   July 2012

From fossils to griffins: the birth of a myth – Earth Science Ireland (Page 18)   June 2012

City of Possibilities (HACK THE CITY at the Science Gallery review) –  21 June 2012

Bright Future For Geoscience – Science Spin: Issue 52 (Page 12)

Crazy Crinoids – Science Spin: Issue 52 (Page 27)   Irish Fossil Series  May 2012

Mapping Rocks – Science Spin: Issue 51 (Page 12) (This is an interview Tom Kennedy kindly did with me)

Amazing Ammonoids – Science Spin: Issue 51 (Page 27)     Irish Fossil Series   March 2012

Glorious Gastropods – Science Spin: Issue 50 (Page 32)     Irish Fossil Series   Jan 2012

Brilliant Bivalves – Science Spin: Issure 49 (Page 24)          Irish Fossil Series   Nov 2011

Dava Sobel Interview – Trinity News: Page 18 (Issue 1, vol. 58)            Sept 2011

Trilobites – Science Spin: Issue 48 (Page 19)              Irish Fossil Series    Sept 2011

A Visceral Account –                                                                    Feb 2011

Gold Rush In Northern Italy – Science Spin: Issue 42 (Page 8)                          Sept 2010

A small step for a tetrapod: a huge leap for mankind – Earth Science Ireland       Autumn 2010

Review of “The Greatest Show on Earth” –                              March 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star – The University Times                                         Feb 2010


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