Science Gallery London opens inaugural exhibition on addiction

Science Gallery London’s very first exhibition, HOOKED, explores the process of addiction and recovery in our lives, questioning the role of society in both.

“This is a new space for art and science to collide,” said Daniel Glaser, Director of Science Gallery London. “HOOKED is about addictions of all kinds. The systems that allow us to get up in the morning, allow us to walk or do anything, are about reward, but sometimes the reward mechanisms go a bit too far. This exhibition is about when the thrill and the desire to do things crosses over the line and becomes an addiction, whether it’s to drugs or to the internet or even self-harm.”


Above. Have you ever worried your battery is running out? The art installation Sisyphus by artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos looks at the emotional relationship people have with technological devices. Photo: Anthea Lacchia

But how can art and science help us to think about these issues?
To look at something like addiction you’ve got to look at it from more than one perspective,”said Glaser. “We need art, we need science, culture and young people’s voices. Science Gallery is a space where those three, science, art and young people, all come together.”

Science Gallery London is located just below the Shard building in London Bridge. HOOKED will run from tomorrow until 6 January 2018 and entry is free.

Baroness Deborah Bull, Vice President & Vice-Principal, King’s College London told me about this unique venue:




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